New logo is ‘not bad’

Clackamas Community College’s new school logo: is it a yay, or a nay?

Students and staff  on the CCC campus were approached by The Print and asked about the new logo and how they felt it represents the school. The majority of the students were completely unaware of the new change and were indifferent to the new logo.


“I didn’t know we had a logo, but it works for me. It would’ve been cool to have something more personal though.”
-Caiya Nielson


“Wasn’t too excited about any of the options. Maybe something with more school/mascot pride or something related to what the school does.”
-Jacob Buswell


“Not bad. I like it a little better than the old one.”
-Blake Imper


“Compared to the other options, it doesn’t look that bad.”
-David Whitt


“The old one seemed outdated. I like this one better.”
-Missy LeDoux

story and photos by: Gifty Ulinwa

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Gifty Ulinwa