New student president ready to connect

On Wednesday, May 6, it was announced Clackamas Community College students elected Brent Finkbeiner as Associated Student Government President over runner-up Hayley Campa. Finkbeiner made promises throughout his campaign, and with his election it’s time to start addressing them.

“Now that it’s been decided, it’s time to move forward with our goals,” Finkbeiner said. “I made students some promises and I’m going to make due on those promises.”

To move forward on these goals, Finkbeiner stressed the need to get feedback and support from CCC students, “what I’d really like to do is get an idea of what are most important issues to students and address those issues,” he said.

Along with addressing students’ issues, Finkbeiner wants to spread awareness for different resources available on campus.

“I think the most important thing is getting students connected to their college, making sure that they know what is available to them right now, today,” Finkbeiner said. “We have a lot of resources on campus whether you’re dealing with addiction, depression, disability, there’s a resource on campus that can help you with that.”

Now that Finkbeiner is officially on the job, he’s excited to get started connecting to students across campus and in return help the students become more involved with what is happening at CCC.

“It’s absolutely a pleasure and an honor to receive this position,” Finkbeiner said. “To know that … we had over 400 students vote, that the students are caring about who’s representing them, that’s really important to me. It speaks volumes; it tells me that my job is going to be that much more important because I made promises to students and I plan on making due to those promises.”

Story by: Debbie Fox and Cassidy Scott

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