New website new school year

By Nicholas Allison

Copy Editor

You probably noticed while signing up for classes recently that the CCC website has undergone a serious renovation. Between the change in color from its lively green for the new red sheen, and the reorganization of the entire site, most obviously the front page, its tough to find something that hasn’t changed.

This was done during the summer term in early August, in hopes of updating and modernizing the site, and making it easier to navigate. Of note is the updated banner, which instead of static images of students and the campus is now a set of video clips showing classes and students active in school life, breathing new life into the front page.

Both Moodle and myClackamas remain almost unchanged, with little more than visual differences from their previous incarnations, and even then everything is located in the same place as before.

Perhaps the most useful new feature is Self Service. It helps a student plan out their degree and classes, showing what classes they can take for requirements, the classes they’ve already taken and what classes they’re signed up for.

All in all, the site is easier to navigate, giving new students an easier time working out how everything works, and providing a breath of fresh air to all the returning students used to the old site.

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Nicholas Allison