Officer Pete Kandratieff on duty: An interview with CCC’s College Safety Manager

Security officer Pete Kandratieff works on the Oregon City campus and is charged with the responsibility of keeping the grounds safe. His other duties involve a multitude of activities. I spoke with Officer Pete to find out more about his daily routine.

The Clackamas Print: What are some regular duties you perform on campus?

Pete Kandratieff: I manage the day-to-day operations for the department. I’m responsible for scheduling, making sure we have coverage, and that tasks are completed by the officers. Then I read the reports and make sure things are completed on time.

TCP: Do any of your duties ever take you off-campus?

Kandratieff: We have logistics needs that sometimes take us off campus. [For example], our cars and patrol vehicles [might need] repairing. We also move between three campus locations.

TCP: Do you ever have issues with the homeless population?

Kandratieff: Occasionally; we have a fair share. And for the most part, they cooperate. We see them come through the campus, and usually they don’t stay very long. They just move through.

TCP: Do you enjoy your position here?

Kandratieff: Yeah, I do. Working with students and staff has been a great experience.

TCP: How did you become a Campus Safety officer?

Kandratieff: I applied here for a part time position back in the early 2000s. I’ve always been in security and public safety. It was also a campus that I had previously attended, back when I went to college to get my four year degree. Plus, I knew the campus, and it was a good opportunity. So I’m glad I applied [and] got the position.

TCP: Have you ever had to remove people from campus?

Kandratieff: You know, we do, occasionally, have to exclude people [and] issue an exclusion notice. Just so they understand that next time they come back, they’re not going to be welcome, and it’s usually based on their behavior and patterns and things that cause us to actually issue an exclusion. We don’t do it very often.

TCP: Have you ever been asked to investigate anything like detective work?

Kandratieff: Oh, you know, we do — for the most part — get on most things that we get called on. We do the initial investigation, and if it’s a serious crime or raised skill level, we have to include police. Quite frankly, we frequently do, because they have resources that we don’t — and we’re not law enforcement — we’re certified private security. So, we have limitations on our investigations. For the most part, our investigations involve lost property and any criminal mischief or vandalism.

TCP: What is your favorite place on campus?

Kandratieff: I like the center of campus. The core is my favorite place. That’s because there’s more people, more to see, and more to do.

TCP: Do you think you speak for all the security staff when you say that?

Kandratieff: [Some might answer] a little differently, actually. We have three campuses, [and] some of the officers really enjoy the Harmony Campus. Others like the Oregon City campus because there are more people, more interaction, more contact with constituents, students and staff and that’s what we’re here for.

TCP: Does anybody work at the college during the weekend?

Kandratieff: Yes.

TCP: Does Campus Security have access to medical supplies?

Kandratieff: We do have first aid. We are medic first medic trained. So we have some blood clotting, gauze, and tourniquets that the officers carry. We Also have AEDs available to us.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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