Oregon Food Bank donates fridge to CCC food pantry

Clackamas Community College’s Associated Student Government runs a free food pantry that received a new fridge and freezer from the Oregon Food Bank. 

The food pantry is on the Oregon City campus and houses turkeys, pizzas, ground beef, eggs, milk, salads, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, dry and canned goods, as well as many hygiene products. The food pantry has been making free food available to students since 2007 and is a great college resource.  

Clackamas Community College’s Associated Student Government runs a free food pantry. Photo credit: Quinton Paul

“College students are among the population that faces food insecurity the most,” according to Annissa Rhynders, Student Life and Leadership Assistant. 

Due to Rhynders’ initiative in 2018, the college has partnered with the Oregon Food Bank in an attempt to supply more students with food.

“Now that we have a partnership with Oregon Food Bank we are always well-stocked with all kinds of things for students,” said Rhynders, “and now we have a new fridge and freezer.” 

Before Rhynders and the partnership with the food bank, the food pantry was inconsistent, and only stocked by CCC staff. The pantry now receives fresh food every week. 

The pantry offers large food boxes every Wednesday, but you can visit them anytime to receive more. “We don’t turn people away,” said Rhynders.

The pantry is open every day of the week from 9am-5pm and is located in the Wacheno Welcome Center, tucked in with the ASG and multicultural center. 

Rhynders said, “I mean, it’s a grocery store. It just happens to be for students and free.” 

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Quinton Paul

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