Shuttle in full swing for spring

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By Kristen Wohlers

It’s good news for shuttle riders. The service continues, unchanged, in order to meet the transportation needs of CCC students.

The free CCC Xpress Shuttle runs between the Clackamas Town Center, the Oregon City campus, and the Harmony campus. A growing number of students are utilizing the shuttle to get to and from school, so there was confusion when the newly added third shuttle disappeared from the schedule.

Transportation systems analyst Luke Norman confirmed that the service has not changed since the addition of a third shuttle in January.

“We continue to provide a third shuttle during the morning peak to ensure there is enough space for students to reach their morning classes at the Oregon City campus. As shuttle three provides the same service as shuttle one from 7:30 a.m. to 9:20 a.m., we removed the green designation from the schedule to make it easier for students to read,” said Norman.

“Shuttle three doesn’t have a wheelchair lift, so to meet the federal ADA requirements, we need to have it run at the same time as shuttle 1,” Norman added.

All three shuttles run Monday through Thursday, and only Shuttle 1 runs on Friday. The complete schedule can be found online at

The shuttle service is in full swing for spring term. In order to spread the word, during the first two weeks of term, morning shuttle riders received a free coffee voucher. Norman may run a similar promotion in the future.

The shuttle doesn’t run during the summer, but when it returns in the fall, Norman hopes to add more trips between Clackamas Town Center and Oregon City.

Norman said, “If students have ideas or questions, then they can email us at”

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