Students from Milwaukie High School engage in the Clackamas Regional Skills Competition. Photo by sophomore Rosemary Hosie from Country Christian who won first place for her photo.

High school students visit Clackamas to compete

By Evlalia Snegireff

Clackamas Community College may have looked deserted on Feb. 23, but looking further, anyone could find a college full of students from all around Clackamas County. With more than 30 contests taking place, it’s no surprise the college was buzzing with excited participants taking part in Skills Day.

Some enthusiastic students revealed their opinion of the day. Visual art contestant Cayden Nelson from Wilsonville High School said, “This experience is quick, exciting, and resourceful.”

Not only were students participating in contests, they were also taking campus tours and looking at business opportunity booths set up throughout the athletic department.

Some businesses involved with the Youth Career Expo were Goodwill, Skibowl, Dave’s Killer Bread, Everest College and Timberline. At each booth, students could apply for jobs, enroll in colleges and look further into their future with business plans.All of these opportunities clearly came across as helpful.

“It is fun, and is a good experience,” said freshman Alyssa Hamby from Canby High School.

Hundreds of students gathered at CCC to take part in the opportunities provided, some to make the path to their future a little clearer.Businesses also took part to help. Some prizes for the Skills Day were: free tuition and even publishing in The Clackamas Print.

Yanely Hernandez, representing a child development program said, “This program provides early training for children development.”

To many, this is a time to explore future options; for others, it is a time to have fun.

The students of Clackamas County are showing how much they care about their future, and this whole experience may have been the first step for some of them.

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