By Zach Whitley

With three campuses and over 900 employees, Clackamas Community College is an especially large community college. As a fun, easy way to get to know their employees better, the college has distributed “staff trading cards.” Staff between all campuses have engaged in this project to collect interesting details and provide a chance to build workplace connections.

These trading cards include a picture of a specific staff member, their position, and can include fun facts such as hobbies, favorite books or sports teams.

On the back, each trading card highlights the department in which the staff member works and indicates separate departments using different colored cards. To hone in on the fact that these are intended to mimic trading cards, they are also cut into a small size rectangle on thin-cut cardboard.

While staff members were not required to partake in the project, many staff members elected to participate in this opportunity to learn about each other.

If you’re interested in finding out where to get these cards, they can be found with most employees all across the three campuses and the full set can be located in the office of Academic Foundations and Connections in the Community Center on the Oregon City campus. Be sure to keep an eye out for these cards around campus!

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