Students consider meteor for president

“Giant meteor,” said student Mason Craft with a straight face. This was his response to our poll question, “Who will you vote for in this year’s presidential election?”

In fact, there’s a Twitter campaign for “Giant Meteor 2016,” with a tagline that reads: “Giant flaming meteor, extinction level event, 2016 presidential candidate, probably your best option.” At least one Clackamas student agrees, and many more are searching for options.

We polled more than 130 students on campus and on Twitter, and found that 43 percent of students were either undecided, decidedly not voting or willing to cast their vote for outlandish options like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, William Shatner or Vermin Supreme, instead of voting for one of the four remaining presidential candidates.

The results are eye opening, and the data doesn’t lie. Clackamas students aren’t satisfied with this year’s nominees. Talk is fine for now, but it’s just noise until you speak up on the ballot in this year’s election. Make sure you’re registered by Oct. 18, and weigh in on Nov. 8. Your vote counts.

— Kristen Wohlers

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Kristen Wohlers