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Behind the scenes, Jay Leuck is more than a Clackamas Community College Automotive Department instructor. Leuck teaches Automotive Electrical Systems and General Auto Repair. Leuck has a wife, Carmen, and a daughter, Katie.

The Clackamas Print: What brought you to CCC?
Jay Leuck: Well, I came here to Clatsop Community College, where I first started teaching. I ended up leaving that job and looking for another job in the Willamette Valley. I have been here since 2003.

TCP: How long have you been an instructor?
Leuck: It has been since 2003, full-time.

TCP: What classes do you teach?
Leuck: I teach two classes for Automotive Electrical Systems, Engine Systems and General Repair.

TCP: Where did you get your education?
Leuck: I went to the community college in my hometown, Southwestern Oregon Community College. From there, I transferred to Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) in Klamath Falls, where I got my bachelor’s degree.

TCP: What are some of your hobbies?
Leuck: I have been an avid water skier all of my life. I have been associated with a local ski team in Portland since about 2007. We travel around and put on water skiing shows during the summer. There are guys that jump pyramids we build on the water. I am also part of a group of guys that barefoots.

TCP: Have you competed?
Leuck: The team doesn’t do competition; we are just exhibition. We just put on shows so that we can afford to buy gas so we can practice. The last three seasons, I have been competing at barefoot water skiing tournaments.

TCP: Is there another hobby you would like to talk about?
Leuck: I like to home brew, I like to make my own beer. It’s a great hobby for a guy like me. It involves cooking, making your own equipment, experiment with different recipes, chemistry and biology. Some failures, but most of the stuff I make is drinkable.


Jay Leuck was been an avid water skier all his life.

Photo contributed by Jay Leuck 

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