A $7-per-hour tuition increase has been approved by the Clackamas Community College Board of Education, which will go into effect this coming Summer. This raises the cost per credit hour from $93 to $100.

The additional funds will help cover underfunding from the state, and the costs of the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS.) PERS is the retirement and disability fund paid to public employees in Oregon.

Oregon community college requests this year for more funding from the state were denied, resulting in budget cuts.

“Without major changes from the State, PERS will continue to negatively impact the budget into the foreseeable future,” CCC President Joanne Truesdell said in an email sent exclusively to CCC staff.

“I feel like we, as students have been left in the dark about an issue that directly affects all of us,” CCC student Preston Drews said. “I work full time right now, and was hoping to begin school full time, and work part time this fall, but I don’t know if I can do that anymore.”

“Maybe they haven’t told us yet because it’s so far out from now, but it’s unacceptable, and they need to think about how this is going to affect people’s plans and savings.” Drews said.

Correction: the tuition increase was previously stated to be effective Fall term, but it will actually start with the Summer 2018 term.


If you have further questions, the CCC Financial Aid office is located on the Oregon City campus, in Roger Rook and you can call them at (503) 594-6100.

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Jeanette Wright