Want to graduate? First you must petition.

Petitioning to graduate is your way to let the school know you’ve taken the classes for your degree and are ready to graduate. If you don’t petition, you don’t graduate. Once you turn in your petition, it allows department chairs, deans of each division, and evaluators to make sure that you’ve met all school requirements and rules to complete your degree.

With the six week deadline just passing to petition for graduating winter term, the Print decided to talk with the experts and make sure you know what to do when your time here at Clackamas Community College is coming to its quick and long-awaited end.

Graduation services evaluator Kandie Starr was all-knowing when asked what the process looked like.

“We like to have students turn in the petition at least two terms in advance of the term they are on course to graduate,” said Starr. “That way we can work with the student and advise them from here on out for the rest of their time at CCC.”

For example if you have 12 credits left and you plan on taking half in the spring and half next fall, it would be best for you to turn in your petition in the winter.
“At the end of every term, we contact the student via email or phone to discuss the courses left they have to take,” said Starr.
CCC student Jack Willis says he was planning to petition online when the time comes.

“I knew a little about how to do it, but I like knowing that I also have them as a resource,” said Willis.

According to graduation evaluator Sarah Steidel, many students are unaware that if you’ve substituted a course for one of your degree requirements, a substitution form must be submitted to either graduation services or the registrars in Roger Rook. “I feel like that’s really important for students to know,” said Steidel.

This form can be found on the CCC website. As far as the graduation ceremony goes, there are two ceremonies. One held on Thursday June 11 for students in the Adult High School Diploma and GED program. The ceremony on June 12 is for students earning college certificates and degrees. All students who’ve graduated this school year are invited to these ceremonies.

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