Welding instructor receives shock

W elding instructor Sue Caldera was shocked on campus on Jan. 20, from faulty equipment in a campus classroom.
Campus officials would not provide details on the incident.
“On Jan. 20, a welding teacher received a non-threatening shock while operating a hand held plasma cutter,” said Janet Paulson, spokeswoman for the college. “Since then the plasma cutter has been sent for inspection. The electrical outlet was inspected, repaired and then re-inspected.”
Caldera did not return calls for
comment. She posted on her Facebook
account a few days after the incident:
“So I had this freak accident at work on Tuesday and was extremely lucky or extremely unlucky depending on how you look at it,” she wrote. “The Dr visit summary says I was electrocuted with 220. I touched a metal cart with a plasma cutter on it that was shut off but plugged in and a metal table at the same time.”
In the comment thread on her Facebook post about the incident, Caldera wrote that there was a wire shorting to the casing and that the ground leg on the plug was faulty as well.
John Phelps, a fellow welding instructor,
declined to comment.
– Maddy Kays

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Maddy Kays