When is the Wacheno Welcome Center going to open?

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It is unclear exactly when the Wacheno Welcome Center will be open for student use.

The long anticipated Wacheno Welcome Center at the CCC, Oregon City campus is unfortunately still inaccessible to students. Previously expected to be finished over the summer and ready for the start fall term, the WWC is still undergoing renovations after a leak caused significant delays. 

The Clackamas Print reached out to Lori Hall, the Executive Director of College Relations and Marketing, to determine the exact nature of the leak. Hall stated that, Many of the windows were not installed according to the detail provided by the architect. This error allowed the windows to leak when tested during construction.” The delay in opening stems from the time needed to replace the incorrectly installed windows and retest them. 

The creation of the Wacheno Welcome Center has been accompanied by the remodeling of the old Bill Brod Community Center, which includes a face lift of Bill Brod as well as a conjoining of the two buildings under one roof.

The Clackamas Print was given the opportunity to tour the new Welcome Center along with Tami Harper, administrative coordinator for the college’s department of Academic Foundations and Connections, who provided information on what the new facility has to offer. You can listen to our full interview with Harper on Spotify

It is still unknown when the WWC will be open and available to students; although, there is a dedication planned for the building on October 29 at 4 p.m. Due to social distancing, physical space at the event will be limited. Students and staff are invited to watch the dedication online via a livestream provided by the college. 

The Wacheno Welcome Center is meant to house most of the college’s student services, including advising, enrollment, financial aid, testing and placement services and education partnerships. The building itself is stunning; its many windows provide plenty of natural light as well as never-before-seen views of the campus. The new center is sure to be an amazing new resource and crown jewel of campus, that is when it is finally ready. 

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