World of Speed leaves parting gift to colleges

Interior of World of Speed Museum on February 20, 2018.

After closing its doors in the Spring of 2020, the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville will be leaving one final gift. The museum’s board of directors have decided to donate their assets to multiple museums and schools across Oregon. The cash funds went to both Clackamas Community College and Clatsop Community College, who are splitting it to $375,000 each. Both colleges have decided that they will be putting the money towards scholarships for their automotive programs, helping students in these fields cover internships and tuition. Along with the cash, Clackamas Community College also received laptops, PPE, as well as automotive equipment and tools to use at their disposal. “Often it is the expense of the tools and supplies that students need that prevent them from completing a program,” said John Chang, executive director of the Clackamas Community College foundation. “Removing those barriers for students will help them cross the finish line to graduation and into a living-wage job.”

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Andrew Griffin

Andrew Griffin is a second year student at Clackamas Community College. He is the Arts and Culture Editor for The Clackamas Print. After CCC, he is planning on transferring to the University of Oregon where he is planning to major in Journalism.