The Clackamas Community College newspaper lineup for the 2018-2019 school year poses on campus; editor-in-chief Victoria Durling is seen third from right.


Dear readers,

Welcome to the next chapter of your life and to your new school year! A sophomore here at Clackamas Community College, I am The Clackamas Print’s 2018-19 editor-in-chief. Here at The Print, our mission is to be an advocate for and voice of the student body, tackling issues that matter to us and our community while remaining informative, professional and accessible.

I want to welcome new students to our publication and our campus. When I first began my schooling here at CCC, I felt very alone. I didn’t ask questions and made myself figure out everything the hard way — for your sake, please never feel afraid to ask anyone on campus any questions. Having a hard time getting to class? Ask for directions. No one wants to be the person staring at a map on the first day of school, right? People are willing to help you. I promise.

It wasn’t until I joined The Print that I found my footing here and fully realized all of the clubs, classes, resources, events and more offered to students on a near-daily basis. I thought I could come in here, take my classes and go home, but The Print has helped me realize that college can be so much more than that. Often The Print publishes event calendars, play reviews, local events and restaurant reviews all for the purpose of helping  our peers — for ease of access we even offer an online version of all of our articles on our website and we update our social media pages with breaking news and unique opportunities on campus. So, I beg you, take advantage of being a Cougar because we want you here and CCC can open doors for you.

As for The Print itself, we offer news every week ranging from the best budget places to eat and upcoming ballot measures to our highly accomplished sports teams and tuition costs; we publish our paper once a week with new copy hitting stands every Wednesday.

If you want to become a part of a group that can offer you adventure, work in journalism and close friendships with your co-workers, then The Print would be happy to have you. The Print is always looking for writers, artists and photographers; currently we’re also searching for an Advertisement Manager, Copy Editor and News Editor. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our highly diverse, fast-paced publication please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Your editor-in-chief,

Victoria Durling

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