By Sam Weston

Photo Editor

Mac vs. PC, the time- tested battle that has seen many ask, “What is the right model? ” While many rush to the side of the Mac because of its “user-friendly” software and sleek design with a pretty little apple on the back, I argue that what you find in a Mac is just a sad attempt to normalize the computer world. Apple’s goal to redefine how computers should run is just a confusing and unnecessary attempt at changing a game they aren’t even playing.

Let me start my argument with a few key comparisons. One: design. PCs come in all sizes and colors sporting sleek or bulky looks depending on the user’s needs. Macs on the other hand have one look, a simple greyish white casing that hasn’t changed since the Macbook came out.

Two: Price. Macs are notorious for the outrageous pricing of their tech, and Mac lovers will always give their reason. “It’s for the retina display.” “I can’t get a virus with a Mac,” and, of course, “It’s just better quality.” While some PCs out there fall to your standard Mac, I will argue what a standard Mac costs can get you a better PC, a virus protection software and a weeks’ worth of groceries to feed yourself while the Mac user continues to argue that his retina display is better.

Three: overall usability. Like any language it’s easier to stick with what you know, and learning another one is immensely difficult and takes years of study. However, the problem with Mac is PC users have no idea how to use a Mac or navigate the terrible operating system. PCs on the other hand are perfectly laid out, you can find, navigate and use the programs with ease instead of going through the terrible Finder that Macs rely on. Programs such as video games, Microsoft office and Google Chrome all function smoothly on a PC while Mac users are still waiting for the spinning rainbow to go away.

When I look at a Mac, I don’t see the perfection of a machine. I see an attempt to make PCs for anybody that wants the prestige of having the Apple logo on their computer. Macs may be used by many people, but if you talk to any IT expert or tech-savvy person, disregarding the so-called geniuses at the Apple store, you will more than likely hear that Macs are just a waste of time. The freedom to do more on PCs will always be why I recommend them to anyone wondering whether they should switch. Apple, stick to phones and music and let the real geniuses design computers.


By Jared Preble

The Clackamas Print

In 1977, Apply unknowingly announced their plans for technological domination with the release of the Apple II , and they  haven’t slowed down yet. With the user-friendly software and a fair number of models to choose from, you can’t go wrong with a Mac.

While Windows offer versatility in their models and can be repurposed for numerous tasks, it’s this very fact that allows Apple to take the upper hand. The everyday consumer is looking to get their work done in a timely manner with an OS that allows them to perform said work with ease.

Most people don’t have time to catalog all the different Windows models that Microsoft pumps out and would prefer to instead buy a quality computer with only a single vendor to see should they encounter problems, that vendor being Apple.

Apple watches closely over the handful of companies they entrust to construct their components and ensures that no other competitors have access to the specific hardware used for their computers.

Therefore their support system for their components is much stronger than Microsoft’s. In contrast, one might find themselves with fistfuls of their own hair while trying to find the proper vendor to purchase a new component from with a PC. Sound convenient? I thought not.

Something we cannot ignore though is cost. Yes the Mac costs a good chunk of change, but you’re getting your money’s worth. To build a PC that mirrors the function of a Mac would cost just as much if not more than the initial cost of a Mac.

Style over substance is applicable to this topic as well, as the sleek design of a Macbook Pro is often preferable to that of a Dell. Some might argue that the look of your computer shouldn’t matter as long as the job gets done. Though who’s to say that your favorite shirt takes precedence over the device that helps you run your life more efficiently? Sure the shirt does its job and no one has to ask you to cover yourself, but without that Supreme logo on it would you have bought it? Think about it.


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