Passing out halloween candy COVID-19 style

Andrew Beattie won the Facebook Halloween Hack Contest

Andrew Beattie won the Facebook Halloween Hack Contest with the “candy chute.” Photo provided by Andrew Beattie

One may question with COVID-19 right now: are holidays cancelled?  Halloween is coming up and kids are wanting to trick-or-treat, however,  in having to keep a 6-foot distance, passing out candy has become near impossible to do and you can’t trust kids to “just take one”, but thanks to Andrew Beattie, there’s a solution to the problem.

Beattie wrote on his Facebook page: “This will be a completely “touch-free” experience for trick or treaters. He took a 6’x 4” old long shipping container tube he already had, decorated the tube and set it up outside on the handrail. This way he could dump candy down the tube and safely pass it out sparing the germs. Soon, other people will be hopping on this trend of using candy chutes.

If you find yourself wanting to participate in Halloween this year but are worried about COVID-19, this candy chute could be a great option for you.

Brianna Hall

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