Athlete of the month: Cassidy Edwards

Clackamas Community College represents determination, pursuit of greatness and a willingness to learn. After talking with sophomore standout Cassidy Edwards, it was apparent that she embodies what CCC stands for.

Edwards, who attended Sister’s High School more than 90 miles away, has been phenomenal for both the basketball and softball teams here at CCC. This basketball season she has been lights out. She is top 15 in the NWAC in both points and steals on the season. Don’t let the eye-­popping stats fool you, she is much more than a great ball player.

She shows incalculable admiration for co-­head coaches Kayla Steen and Jim Martineau, so much that she claims she would not be where she is today without them. Great teammate, great ball player, great student of the game; she’s got all the tools to go a long way with sports. Here’s what she had to say about her time here.

Jack Spencer: Why did you chose CCC?
Cassidy Edwards: Well it’s kind of a funny story. As I was kind of looking at colleges to play for my senior year, all my family is from Oregon City so just randomly one of my relatives one day was like ‘Oh have you checked in to CCC I know they have a pretty good softball program’ and just kind of happened, and then I came here and I just fell in love with everything about it.

JS: How does the Oregon City area compare to Sisters?
CE: You know the rain is a little different, but the nice thing about Oregon City is it kind of has the small town feel to it. It’s not a big city like Portland is, so it’s pretty similar.

JS: Which do you enjoy more, softball or basketball?
CE: Honestly, I don’t really know. I like them both the same. They kind of balance each other out nicely. They both have good qualities to them.

JS: What does your pre-­game routine for basketball look like?
CE: We have to be here two hours before the game. I usually go down to the training room and talk to all the girls and see how everyone’s feeling. Then come up here [Randall gym], after the boys are all done with their walkthroughs, and shoot around a little bit. Then we do our walkthroughs and blast some music and just zone in.

JS: How do you like playing for two different head coaches?
CE: It’s definitely unique. I’ve never played for two head coaches before, but honestly, they’re two of the best coaches I’ve ever had. They balance each other out super well. Kayla’s more on the serious side, she likes to get stuff done, and Jim’s the funny, awesome one, not that Kayla’s not funny and awesome. He kind of brings the laughs and goofiness to the games and stuff.

JS: Which team are you most looking forward to playing in the second half of the season?
CE: Definitely Umpqua on sophomore night. I’m really excited to play that game.

JS: What’s your favorite memory so far at CCC?
CE: Last year in basketball season it was on our sophomore night. I pretty much had the best game of my season. I went six for eight from the three-­point line. I just loved the sophomores I played for last year. It was super cool to have their support and I think they were more excited about it than I was, but it was a nice way to go into NWAC’s.

JS: Is there anything else we should know about Cassidy?
CE: Not at the moment, just get out and come support. We have a couple home games left and then we’re done for the season and we need all the support we can get.

Story by: Jack Spencer


Jack Spencer