CCC volleyball team perseveres through the pandemic

Hailey Charriere is a freshman on Clackamas Community College’s volleyball team. The Clackamas Print sat down with her on Nov. 8th, a couple of days before the final game on Nov. 10th, to discuss the season and her time at CCC so far. 

The Clackamas Print: Has this season been going well for you?

Hailey Charriere: Yeah, I think so. I definitely like the team. Everybody’s really nice. I think we’re definitely good players. I mean, actually, Dale and Joseph and everybody have really helped me out this year. And I feel like they’ve really helped me out just like, as a player, just getting better in general, changing my mindset during games. 

TCP: Is there a certain position you play or do you play multiple positions? 

Charriere: Mainly, I’ve been a middle blocker, but this year, they’ve kind of been switching me around between middle blocker and right side. So it’s just been kind of switching around between those two positions.

TCP: What’s your favorite position to play?

Charriere: Honestly, middle blocker, even though I know it’s definitely a harder position just because it’s a lot of running around and moving side to side. But I, I just really enjoy it. Because the feeling of when you get a block is just really nice, and it’s just I just really enjoyed the position, but I’m also just happy to play so I’m just like, you could put me anywhere but honestly, I have to say middle blocker is definitely my favorite position.

TCP: Have you been playing volleyball for a while? 

Charriere:  I’ve been playing volleyball since third grade. I just did kind of like rec, you know, a little like school volleyball. Then I started doing club volleyball, which is kind of like a bigger volleyball, like you do actual tournaments. It’s like a real team. I started doing that in seventh grade, I believe. I did it until I graduated and I couldn’t do it any more.

TCP: Has COVID affected your way of playing?

Charriere: I’d say so just because, like last year, when it first started, it was in the middle of a club season, and it was a really good team. It was just kind of weird, and it kind of just ruined everything because the season got cut early, and then we couldn’t play for a few months. I think it really affected everybody, especially since when you came back everybody had to wear a mask. It’s hard to communicate because it’s like you’re already in the loud gym. And then you’re having to scream over everybody else.. So I think it’s definitely been hard. And that’s what’s kind of nice about you know, CCC, you don’t have to wear the mask at the beginning. I think COVID has affected a lot of people and how they play and all that since it’s just been like, very risky. 

TCP: How do you like CCC so far?

Charriere: I really like it,  it’s very nice. I live pretty close by, so I actually like walking my dog. I usually walk through Clackamas, and I’ve gone to like the volleyball camps in middle school and part of high school. I always went to those so it’s just kind of weird like actually being here and being like an actual student since I’ve basically been coming here my whole life whether it’s just to like, go to the track and walk my dog. I don’t have a lot of classes but all the teachers I’ve had so far I really like. Even though it’s a lot compared to high school I do really enjoy it.

TCP: What are you studying here at CCC?

Charriere:  I’m a really indecisive person. When I was signing up for classes, I was going more towards sports medicine. And I’ve been thinking more about maybe going towards psychology. So I’m kind of just you know, trying to figure it out.

This interview has been edited for clarity and space.

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Alexis Sear

Alexis Sear is starting her first term at Clackamas Community College. In her free time, Alexis enjoys reading and playing games such as Call of Duty, and Rust. After graduating high school in 2021, Alexis is starting at a public school for the first time in her educational career.