Hitting the bullseye: Ugly uniforms need redesign

This week’s topic on Hitting the Bullseye: Ugly-ass uniforms.

WTF is going on with today’s uniforms? Uniforms are getting so U-G-L-Y, their mamas don’t have an alibi. Sometimes I wonder where the fashion police are when society actually needs them.

Michigan State has nice looking white and dark green uniforms. Why wear a nasty looking lime green? Did the Nike designer graduate from Michigan?

I guess it doesn’t matter because I heard they were a hit with the players. Yes, Michigan State, I know there are a plethora of schools changing their uniforms. My sarcastic thank you to Oregon for starting the uniform monstrosity.

I’m not talking about throwbacks or mix-and matching or having an alternate uniform, although, there is a difference between having one alternate uniform compared to having seven alternate uniforms. When a school chooses to have an alternate uniform, please, keep a similar look between the sports because it gives a school a nice, clean uniformed look.

I’ve also had enough of teams wearing colors that do not belong to them. Neutral colors (black, gray or white) or wanting to support cancer awareness is fine. However, wearing a color, of any amount, that is not a team’s colors or a different shade of the color needs to end.

No, I am not a fan of Oregon State’s gold trim around their numbers. For anyone who thought orange and black didn’t look good together, well, orange and gold looks a hell of a lot worst.

Please keep uniform patterns simple and no more than one. Don’t go block or stripe heavy with the school’s colors. The only school that should ever wear checkerboards is Tennessee and should be used at minimum.

The area where designers have consistently gotten it right are helmet designs because many of them look cool, not ridiculous.

Unless they have glitter or a hideous designed logo.

Ditch the glitter and keep the “O” on your helmet, Oregon. The cartoon looking duck looks cheesy.

Had OSU never re-branded, I would’ve never known what the off spring of a mutated rat and nutria looked like. The logo looks as ugly as it did on day one.

I understand that uniforms have become a marketing and recruiting statement for schools. Why can’t a school market something that looks good? Coolness does not have to compromise quality. There are good looking uniforms and atrocious looking uniforms.

I listen to sports radio and I’ve heard it said that you can’t explain how bad uniforms look or tradition to young people. Well, false. I’m a young person and I really don’t want to know how horrible uniforms will be looking 10 years from now. I value tradition in sports and I’m open to changes as long as they are good and will not make my team look ridiculous.

I’m sure there are other young people who share my opinion that the uniform thing has gotten out of hand and needs to stop ASAP.


Katie Archer