Robert Ford CCC basketball player to transfer to Idaho State

Robert Ford, basketball player and guard for Clackamas Community College averaged 23.3 points, 10.7 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game during his sophomore season. Ford shot 40.1% from three and led Clackamas to a 25-3 overall record and he has committed to play for Idaho State, a division one school who competes in the Big Sky conference. The Big Sky is associated with the NCAA and has twelve teams, including Portland State and Weber State.

TCP: Why did you choose Idaho state?

Ford: I chose Idaho state because it was a good fit and what they are trying to do with their program is something I feel like I can help.

TCP: What does it mean to have the opportunity to play division one?

Ford: “Division 1 basketball has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid and everyone told me I couldn’t make it or I wouldn’t [make it] and to be able to do what I said I would — I’m really thankful for all the support that led to this.”

TCP: What are you looking forward to the most at Idaho State?

Ford: “I’m looking forward to getting started ASAP with Idaho State and building as a team to do good things in the future.”

TCP: How did your time at Clackamas get you prepared to move on?

Ford: “My time at Clackamas made me grow up — and I’m not just saying on the court — but in the classroom. You have the privilege to play basketball because I know basketball is a privilege and in order for me to play — I have to do what’s right in the classroom first.”

TCP: What are you going to miss most about playing at Clackamas?

Ford: “What I’m going to miss most from Clackamas is the family I built there, with not only my teammates, but with staff at Clackamas that not only helped me out but people that made sure my grades were right or that I did my work for the day. Even if it was just an easy check in on how things were going, the staff were great and supportive of me.”

TCP: When did Idaho State start recruiting you?

Ford: “Idaho State started recruiting me freshman year in college, in the spring.”

TCP: Was there a specific moment when you knew you were going to go to Idaho State?

Ford: “Coming down to the last couple days there was a lot of confusion and complications on where I was going but after it was set and done, I seen who wanted me the most.”

TCP: What are your goals for yourself and the team, at Idaho State?

Ford: “Some goals I think we all could set up as a team is first win the Big Sky Conference, then after that we all wanna go contend for a national championship. Anything can be done, I just feel like we need to bet on ourselves and double down on it.”


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  1. Clif Wegner on May 20, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Congratulations to Robert on a Hall of Fame caliber career at Clackamas Community College. One of the best ever to play at CCC.