Superbowl Sunday brings fun day

Cheetolicious and groovy guacamole stadium was built by the Clackamas Print staff.

Photo by Austin Boltz. The Cheetolicious and groovy guacamole stadium was built by The Clackamas Print staff.


By James Harley

Super Bowl Sunday is that one day of the year that gives everyone the excuse to sit down, watch TV, eat lots of junk food and watch a game of football.

This year the Super Bowl, which will be hosted in Houston, Texas, features the Atlanta Falcons taking on the New England Patriots.

The Falcons are playing in their first Super Bowl since 1999, while the Patriots are making their third appearance in just the last five years.

Early odds had the Patriots as favorites to win, but that didn’t stop Clackamas student Brian Smith from rooting against them.

“I’m all for the Falcons,” Smith said. “I just really hate the Patriots. The only team I hate more than the Patriots is the [Dallas] Cowboys.”

Keoni McHone, the track and cross country coach at CCC, didn’t have much of a take on who he was rooting for because his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers, have struggled as of late. However he still has plans to watch it.

“We usually go over to some good friends of ours, where the kids can be occupied while we watch the game,” McHone said.

Even though football is a big part of the Super Bowl, eating junk food, hanging out with friends, partying, watching entertaining ads and viewing the halftime show are also Super Bowl traditions that have attracted many people to join the Sunday festivities.

McHone said that for game day his wife sometimes makes “pickle wraps,” which has “cream cheese and dill pickles wrapped in deli meat.”

When asked what Smith does for his Super Bowl Sunday, he said, “I usually just hang out with a couple of friends, drink a few beers and eat junk food.”

“My friend sometimes makes hot wings,” Smith said, “but other than that, all we eat is junk food.”

Clackamas student Ryan Watkins takes his game day a step further.

“I usually just get drunk with my friends and just have a good time,” Watkins said. He added that his wife makes pretty good ham and cheese sliders for the Super Bowl, that he likes watching the game for football and the commercials and he never really watches the halftime show.

So whether it’s a big bowl of Cheetos, chips and dip, hot wings, pickle wraps, or ham and cheese sliders; go grab a seat on a sofa and flip to Fox (channel 12 in the Portland area) on Feb. 5 at 3:30 p.m. to watch what should be an intriguing matchup, and some good commercials to go with it in between.


James Harley