Pulling onto campus in a yellow 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt are a pair of brothers. The younger, a relief pitcher, the older a catcher, both playing for Clackamas. Hip-hop plays as Cody Gleason tries to wake up Cameron Gleason who’s been up all-night playing Fortnite.

The Gleasons both changed positions late in their careers. Cameron Gleason was an outfielder until his very end of his senior year of high school and Cody Gleason played shortstop until his freshman season of high school. Now the brothers work together as pitcher and catcher.

“It’s not horrible,” Cody Gleason said “I didn’t expect [Cameron] to be very good, but he is. When he gets down on himself I just go out there and I tell him ‘he’s a piece of s—’ and he gets back into it. He just does his thing up there and I like it.”

“I prefer [having Cody] catch me, but I pitch to all the catchers,” Cameron Gleason said. “I prefer Cody the most because he knows my stuff better than everyone else.”

The brothers’ working relationship reflects a lot of how they grew up, admittedly at each other’s’ throats like brothers tend to be, still arguing about who bested who in schoolyard fights, but the brothers get along nicely on rides to and from practice.

“It’s not bad,” Cody Gleason said. “He usually sleeps on the way here and on the way home he falls asleep too, it’s pretty nice.”

On the field the brothers get along well, but still have their disagreements.

“He gives me good advice most the time,” Cameron Gleason said. “But when he says stupid s— like ‘just throw a strike’ it pisses me off because that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Even though the brothers don’t always see eye to eye, they want to see each other do well: Cody Gleason saying that he was proud of Cameron Gleason’s performance this year and Cameron Gleason hoping Cody succeeds at the next level.

Next year will be the first time the brothers don’t live together during the baseball season and they are trying to prepare for the change.

“I’m usually up all night listening to [ Cameron ] play Fortnite,” Cody Gleason said. “That’ll be nice, but it’ll be weird not having him around.”

As for Cameron Gleason, he said he’ll miss the car rides.

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Jacob Thompson