Dalton Elliott

Improv, stand-up, one act — what more could one want?

By Dalton Elliott / November 29, 2021

On Nov. 10, I was able to attend the student showcase held in Niemeyer. This is the first time the theater has been open to the public in more than a year, and entering the theater — it certainly felt like it. Stepping into the auditorium was like experiencing something unusual, but familiar. I can…

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Live theater returns to Niemeyer after 18 months off stage

By Dalton Elliott / November 9, 2021

Returning to the stage this month is Jim Eikrem: Director of Theater Arts at Clackamas Community College. After having to shut down live theater for more than a year due to COVID-19, Eikrem is determined to make this fall’s production a comeback, and to him, is exactly what everyone needs at this time. Eikrem was…

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