Elizabeth Kessel

Wonder Woman

By Elizabeth Kessel / June 6, 2017

Latest incarnation of comic hero brings feminist power and hot bodies to screen By Elizabeth Kessel The fighting scenes, the humor, the acting: it’s all that I expected. June 2 was the opening day for the much-anticipated movie “Wonder Woman.” Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor were the perfect duo…

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Now streaming: Girl Boss

By Elizabeth Kessel / May 2, 2017

By Elizabeth Kessel Another original series has appeared thanks to Netflix. One of the newest shows is “Girl Boss,” an easy-to-binge show that also gives viewers an inside look on Sophia Amoruso’s (Britt Robertson) life in San Francisco from 2006 to 2008. This show doesn’t have the luxury of modern technology, but it does have…

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Athletic trainer wraps up interview

By Elizabeth Kessel / April 26, 2017

Kevin Arizo talks Timbers, training and sleep Story and photo by Elizabeth Kessel Kevin Arizo has been at Clackamas Community College for 10 years now as the athletic trainer. He works with every sports team at the college and helps students with their injuries, rehabs and getting ready for practices. The Clackamas Print: When and…

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College raises awareness of sexual assault

By Elizabeth Kessel / April 18, 2017

By Elizabeth Kessel Walking across campus at night can be scary for many college students. Now, add on the fact that someone may be following or watching students at night. What should a student do in that situation? April is sexual assault awareness month when people raise awareness about sexual assault and how people can…

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Space talk is out of this world

By Elizabeth Kessel / March 14, 2017

Story and photo by Elizabeth Kessel What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the well-known question kids get from adults, at a time when kids believe they can be anything. Answers vary from being a vet, a doctor, a teacher, president and even an astronaut. These dreams may seem farfetched…

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Updated learning laboratory to reopen early 2018

By Elizabeth Kessel / March 1, 2017

  Story and photos by Elizabeth Kessel After graduation in June, the Environmental Learning Center will shut down for restoration purposes and redesign of the area until the end of 2017. Students, staff and the community alike will be able to explore the new ELC at the beginning of 2018. On Feb. 23, everyone from…

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Engineer lends hands for books

By Elizabeth Kessel / February 21, 2017

Rodney Osterhoudt travels to the Solomon Islands to build a library By Elizabeth Kessel In November, Rodney Osterhoudt, a maintenance engineer for 20 years at Clackamas, traveled with his wife to St. Isabel, which is part of the Solomon Islands. Through his church, Osterhoudt and his group built a library for the village, Kia, which…

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Staff discusses racial issues

By Elizabeth Kessel / February 14, 2017

Hundreds of employees gather to talk about ‘seeing the racial water’ By Elizabeth Kessel Race is an uncomfortable subject. People see it, hear it and even talk about it, but nonetheless it’s a sensitive topic that is hard to navigate. At the Winter Inservice, on Feb. 10, “Seeing The Racial Water,” staff members from Clackamas…

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By Elizabeth Kessel / January 31, 2017

BY ELIZABETH KESSEL Maneuvering your 20s can be tricky, from learning about bills and responsibility to graduating college to moving back in with the parents. Megan Tan is an ordinary woman, who shares her experiences as a young adult in her popular podcast, “Millennial,” which is currently in its third season. Each season is unique…

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365 chances to start fresh

By Elizabeth Kessel / November 30, 2016

By Elizabeth Kessel As tradition for most, at the end of each year people decide on what they would like to change about their lives. From silly to serious, there is a wide range of New Year’s resolutions. Some lighthearted and uncommon resolution ideas are to get your picture taken in five different places, break…

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