Erin Carey

The Clackamas Print enlists in the Timber Army

By Erin Carey / June 3, 2015

“We are the Timbers, the Portland Timbers; Green and Gold, Green and Gold, Green and Gold, Gold, Gold! With our friends now, up to the city; We’re gonna shake the gates of hell!” Entering into Providence Park, you’re suddenly heavily enveloped in green and gold. Scarves, shirts, hats, massive flags, and the match hasn’t even…

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Students take a sleep of faith

By Erin Carey / May 13, 2015

It’s 2 p.m., and you’re sitting in class. You were once attentively taking notes, but as your eyelids get heavier, the pen gets slower and the desk in front of you is starting to look like a pillow, until your teacher yells at you to wake up, drool covered and all. This is the life…

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Fill your beer bellies with these recipes

By Erin Carey / March 3, 2015

While I’m not particularly a huge fan of drinking beer (I wholeheartedly believe it tastes like stinky socks), I do love to cook with it. Using two beers from Alameda — Black Bear Stout (a dark, rich beer good for dark meat and dark desserts like brownies) and El Torero IPA (a much lighter Indian…

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College hopes to offer more money in scholarships

By Erin Carey / February 10, 2015

“The board firmly believes that borrowing money to go to the first two years of school is just not a good idea, so whatever we can do to help break through that financial barrier, that’s what we’re doing,” said Foundation executive director Greg Fitzgerald. And with a campaign to raise $10 million for both scholarships…

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Opinion: new logos lack originality

By Erin Carey / December 5, 2014

Just like any company, the face of a post-secondary school needs to encompass the ideals of its community and its goals for the students who attend there. While most wouldn’t hold the brand of a community college in high regard, those who attend it do. Clackamas Community College is going through a rebrand, to take place…

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Best Place for Affordable Java

By Erin Carey / November 19, 2014

Dear Professor Clackamas, I’m a broke college student who needs some java. Where is the best place to go on Campus? -Undercaffeinated Well, Undercaffeinated, that’s a good question. While my expertise in coffee ranges from how to make instant coffee taste less horrible to getting the most out of my Starbucks, I’m well versed in…

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