Matt Rowning

A night at the museum

By Matt Rowning / September 29, 2015

You’re in college, admit it: you’re excited that on Oct. 1 you’re going to walk into a dispensary in Portland and purchase marijuana. And after? There’s no need to stay home staring at the television like the stoners of yore. You’re a metropolitan living in America’s most progressive state! Seize the day/night and make a…

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Discovering Record Store Day

By Matt Rowning / April 29, 2015

After getting off work, I ran to my car to drive downtown. It was 9:37 a.m., April 17. It was the eve of a sacred holiday, at least for some. I was racing for Record Store Day.   I drove to SE 30th and Burnside to Portland’s oldest record store; Music Millennium. They were closing…

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