Merari Calderon Ruiz

The price is right: $40 textbooks

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / March 6, 2018

Story by Merari Calderon Ruiz The price of college textbooks has increased over 1000 percent since 1977, according to NBC news. In July of 2015, Oregon House Bill 2871 was passed which states that each public university listed in ORS 252.002, including community colleges, would need to make a public note, at the time of…

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Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / February 13, 2018

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Consumers in the United States are expected to spend $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Marketers use this day to sell more items like Valentine cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry; but this wasn’t always the custom in today’s society. Valentine’s Day originated from a…

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Presidential candidate drops out, college continues with finalists

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / January 30, 2018

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Managing editor As the search for Clackamas Community College’s new president comes down to the finals, one candidate withdrew. Tim Cook, Jessica Howard and Chris Haines remain. Each candidate received an equal chance to speak at a public forum on campus, where faculty, staff, students and the community could participate and…

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Q&A with Eduardo Hernandez

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / October 10, 2017

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Managing Editor Imagine being in a mall with hundreds of people, only one flight of stairs, one exit and an earthquake hits. On Sept. 19, Eduardo Hernandez witnessed first-hand the earthquake in Mexico. He is a lab technician at Clackamas Community College. He helps with welding and manufacturing, and he is…

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Board of ed. election brings new face

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / May 23, 2017

If you never submitted the Clackamas County special district election ballot, it’s too late now; May 16 was Election Day, the final day to vote. The Clackamas Community College’s Board of Education representative, serve for four years. Each person is from a different area and there are seven zones in the college district. This year,…

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Instructor fights cancerous silence

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / March 1, 2017

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Nowadays, it’s common for people to have a long-term illness or a disability, yet some people still struggle to start a conversation over these issues. Brenda Marks is an instructor at Clackamas Community College in the skills development department. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2016. She taught through…

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Theater stages Latino culture

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / February 14, 2017

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Moments of laughter, happiness and sadness all occur on stage. On Feb. 9, Teatro Milagro opened the play “Swimming While Drowning” in Portland, and with it, continued its commitment to bringing a different perspective to the Portland stage for 33 years. In the play there were two actors; Blake Stone plays…

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PGE programs power down

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / February 7, 2017

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Why have a class with no students in it? Why continue offering a program with no one enrolled? The Clackamas Community College advisory committee made a decision to suspend certain programs at the Wilsonville campus. The suspended programs were: Energy and Resource Management of Science Degree Program, Energy and Resource Management…

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ASG embraces diversity

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / November 22, 2016

Story and photo by Merari Calderon Ruiz Some people work, others are students and only a few are leaders. The Associated Student Government is the representation and voice for students attending Clackamas Community College. They provide many benefits and opportunities for students. Some of it includes the lending library, book exchange, lost and found, calculator…

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Students’ poster wins big in Vegas

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / November 8, 2016

By Merari Calderon Ruiz Entering a competition is a journey that not everyone will win, but these Clackamas students did. The Western Association of Criminal Justice is affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and they have regional conferences every year, usually at different locations. On Oct. 12-14, the conference and poster competition took…

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