Nathan Woosley

College officials say free tuition good idea, unlikely

By Nathan Woosley / February 24, 2015

College is expensive. Tuition costs continue to rise and many students are burdened with mountains of debt. What if community college was free though? Paid for by taxpayers the same as high school. If federal and state lawmakers are successful, it could be the new reality. Recently at the State of the Union address, President…

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College alumni makes music with local artist

By Nathan Woosley / February 17, 2015

When was the last time an artist surprised you? Like really surprised you? Think for a moment how many artists that manage to mix and mingle seemingly odd bedfellow genres successfully. Now consider how many of those artists are local. There are only a few. Pink Martini comes to mind. As it turns out, one…

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Controversy in Niemeyer

By Nathan Woosley / January 20, 2015

“This violates boundaries, and that’s part of the point,” music instructor Brian Rose said speaking on behalf of the recent controversial art piece created by street artist Cape One. The controversy surrounding the piece is based on those “violated boundaries,” not because of its subject matter or content, but due to the artist’s decision to allow paint to make its way on…

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Food, serve- us: Changes in store for cafeteria

By Nathan Woosley / November 19, 2014

Have you been to the Clackamas Community College cafeteria lately? Did you think: 1. No improvement needed? 2. Some improvement needed? 3. Much improvement needed? Chances are, you fell into 93 percent of students who answered the second or third option. CCC conducted a survey of staff and students about the cafeteria in April 2014 found some rather unflattering results. The general…

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