Saige Keikkala

Peach Freckles // Finals week

By Saige Keikkala / May 31, 2016
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Peach Freckles // Phone collision

By Saige Keikkala / May 24, 2016
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May the fourth be with you

By Saige Keikkala / May 3, 2016


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Bridgetown Bursting with Bud

By Saige Keikkala / February 10, 2016
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Intel looks to community colleges

By Saige Keikkala / December 4, 2015

State’s largest private employer offers paid internships

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Photo by Austin Boltz

College wins award, Army office still closed

By Saige Keikkala / November 10, 2015

Walking into the warm atmosphere of the Clackamas Community College community center, you can see the doors for both the Army Strong community center and the Veteran’s Service building that has been a source of hope and relief for the people who have given the most. Veteran’s Service specifically helps veterans in CCC with school.…

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Where is the $90 million?

By Saige Keikkala / November 4, 2015

School looking forward to updates from bond passed last year Money. It’s what makes the world go round, even at our school. Clackamas Community College was sent spinning with delight when voters approved measure 3-477. This bond in particular would allot money towards modernizing the campuses and offer students better career preparation in growing occupations. The measure won with 52 percent…

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Farms behind bars

By Saige Keikkala / October 28, 2015

Alumna builds farms in prisons for better meals by Saige Keikkala As a student, have you ever wondered how your education here at Clackamas Community College will affect your future? Finding your future career and getting started on it is a big topic to stress over. But CCC alumna Rebekah Mende has got it figured out. After two years here at…

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The teacher files

By Saige Keikkala / October 13, 2015

A conversation with Clackamas Community College math teacher Melinda Nickas by Saige Keikkala Curious about your professor’s teaching style and personality? A new instructor will be featured every issue. Here is an interview held with Melinda Nickas, 46, who teaches math for multiple levels here on by Chelsea Pagan   The Clackamas Print: What…

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CCC bids ‘Bon Voyage’ to this year’s retirees

By Saige Keikkala / May 20, 2015

When they announced the annual Retiree Party was to meet in the Gregory Forum on May 5, not everyone expected such a large and tear jerking occasion. Fused with the strong smell of cake and coffee, many people gathered around white linen tables to watch the slideshow presentation of each person retiring from Clackamas Community…

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