Victoria Tinker

Shred some gnar

By Victoria Tinker / November 29, 2017

Story and photos by Victoria Tinker Ad Manager “I snowboard, because I literally don’t think of anything else when I’m snowboarding,” said Josef Willwert, a student at Clackamas Community College. “You’re not worried about the person that’s talking smack, you’re not worried about work, or school, you’re just like don’t fall on your face, and…

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Gorge engulfed in flames

By Victoria Tinker / September 27, 2017

By Victoria Tinker Ad Manager Devastation and tragedy are striking North America with hurricanes, floods and fire. On Sept. 4 two teenagers went for a hike in the gorge, not realizing that their actions would bring so much devastation to the residences of Oregon. The suspected teens were supposedly throwing firecrackers off the side of…

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Now streaming: Dear White People

By Victoria Tinker / May 9, 2017

By Victoria Tinker Dear White People, Meet Samantha, Lionel, Troy, Coco and Reggie, the stars of this show and revolutionists of Winchester. Netflix aired a new series on April 28 titled “Dear White People” based on the 2014 film “Dear White People.” The series picks up where the film left off. Each person has at…

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By Victoria Tinker / May 2, 2017

By Victoria Tinker For those of you that aren’t huge fans of hip hop, like me, you might not know who Kendrick Lamar is. Although by now, you might recognize at least one of these three songs: “Swimming Pools (Drank),” “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” or “Poetic Justice.” All of which are from Lamar’s second…

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‘The Glass Menagerie’ slays

By Victoria Tinker / November 15, 2016

Theater students stage 1944 play that made Tenessee Williams famous By Victoria Tinker Amanda and her children, Tom and Laura, live in a small beehive-like apartment in St. Louis that faces an alley and is entered by a fire escape. The year is 1930, and this is Tom’s memory. “The Glass Menagerie,” written by Tennessee…

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Aiming for new skill

By Victoria Tinker / February 24, 2016

Archer Joe Britt said meeting his bow was like meeting a hot girl. Britt was always interested in archery. As a kid he used to get branches and twigs from the neighbor’s shrub to make his own bow and arrows. Today, Britt practices his sport at Broken Arrow Archery in Milwaukie, where even people who’ve never handled a bow can…

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New twist on old recipes

By Victoria Tinker / November 18, 2015

Try something new this Thanksgiving. Don’t be afraid to do it yourself with this exuberant stuffing recipe. We also encourage you to break tradition with one the other two recipes. Homemade Stuffing 1 lb loaf of bread 1 stick of butter 1 onion chopped 4 ribs of celery 1 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper…

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Wear comfy shoes, then get naked

By Victoria Tinker / November 10, 2015

Four Oregon hikes put the wonder in winter wonderland Story and Photo by Victoria Tinker Bagby Hot Springs Distance from CCC: 67.8 miles, 2 hours Length of Trail: 1.3 miles Parking Fee: $5 per person Take a nice long soak in an outdoor hot tub at Babgy. This hot spring is located 67.8 miles from…

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Cougars win against Chemeketa

By Victoria Tinker / October 28, 2015

By Victoria Tinker As the cougar runs towards the ball she collides into the opposing team, leaving Chemeketa with the ball and Clackamas on the ground. Much like their season has been going, Clackamas won against Chemeketa on Oct. 21, then got knocked on their backs with a 5-0 loss to Clark on Oct. 24.…

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The teacher files

By Victoria Tinker / October 21, 2015

by Victoria Tinker Are you thinking about joining an art class? If you like throwing pots and Frisbies in your free time, then Nora Brodnicki is the teacher for you. The Clackamas Print: What classes do you teach? Nora Brodnicki: I teach the history of western art. I teach Art 204, 205, 206. I also teach…

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