William Farris

Music students have free show on campus

By William Farris / June 4, 2019

On May 30, second year students of the Music Performance and Technology program put on a free performance in front of the Dye Learning Center. The lawn and small stone stage were fixed with chairs and musical equipment in preparation for the live concert that was projected to the campus from noon to 1:30. The…

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Pixar comes to life at OMSI

By William Farris / March 12, 2019

Without a doubt, Pixar is one of the most well-known and loved movie studios in the world. The company’s movies, shorts and other projects have done much not only to shape computer science but the childhoods of multiple generations. Those two contributions to the world are exactly what the new exhibit at the Oregon Museum…

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IFC show “Documentary Now” filmed at CCC campus

By William Farris / February 26, 2019

One of the latest episodes of IFC’s comedy series “Documentary Now!” features some familiar locations to any native Oregonian. That’s because the episode titled “Bat* hit Valley” was filmed and set right here in Oregon, with some scenes even taking place on Clackamas Community College’s campus. The episode, like the entire show, takes a satirical…

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Diversity in media: How the things we watch affect the way we live

By William Farris / February 8, 2019

The topic of cultural diversity and better representation in media is one today that sparks as much thought and intrigue as it does apprehension. It’s no secret that good representation of minority groups has been a struggle in our culture, and it’s no surprise that many people can have trouble talking about these issues. Much…

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Managing your mentality

By William Farris / November 13, 2018

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re stressed out. Being a student means taking on a lot of responsibility and extra work in a life that more than likely already has quite a lot to deal with. From family, to work, to any other anxiety inducing incidents that can spring up unexpectedly in this crazy…

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Great media for LGBTQ

By William Farris / June 1, 2018

From games and comics to TV shows everyone enjoys some kind of media experience and the stories they tell. For many its hard to find media to relate to when the people on screen are nothing like you. There are many underrepresented groups of people who don’t get a lot of art or media made…

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CCC finds new president

By William Farris / March 14, 2018

Story and photos by William Farris Clackamas Community College Board of Education announced Vice President of Instruction for Clark College Doctor Tim Cook to be the next president taking over for the soon-to-retire President of CCC Doctor Joanne Truesdell on March 14, which was followed by a chorus of cheers and excitement. Cook will take…

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Cougars shine bright in first meet

By William Farris / March 13, 2018

COUGARS EXCELL IN THEIR FIRST TRACK MEET, HOPEFULLY A FORESHADOWING OF ACHIEVEMENTS TO COME Story and photo by William Farris Track and field season is under way at Clackamas Community College and the first meets have left students and coaches excited for the coming season. With great performances and hopeful outlooks, this year is shaping…

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New resources available on campus

By William Farris / February 28, 2018

AFTER A YEAR, THE COLLEGE ENACTS NEW RESOURCES FOR TRANS STUDENTS By William Farris The Clackamas Print On May 17 of last year the Clackamas Print released a story about the lack of resources available for trans students on campus. At the time, Clackamas Community College stated that while they didn’t have many ways of…

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Rave Alerts modernize campus safety measures at CCC

By William Farris / February 21, 2018

A new alert system is being used by Clackamas Community College that poses as a much more powerful and effective tool for the safety of students.

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