brendan swogger

Electoral college under review

By Clackamas Print / February 26, 2019

Story by Brendan Swogger In 2016, the election of Donald Trump sparked a major uproar, and much of the blame — or thanks — went to the Electoral College, the system currently used every four years to select the President of the United States. Despite losing the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton, Trump won…

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Enter the Vortex: A Q&A with playwright Sue Mach

By Clackamas Print / February 12, 2019

Story by Brendan Swogger In the summer of 1970, amidst protests, political clashes and anti-Vietnam sentiments, 100,000 people gathered at Milo McIver Park in Estacada for a “biodegradable festival of life,” dubbed Vortex 1. Held in conjunction with a planned protest and riot in downtown Portland, the festival made history as the first and only…

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