TriMet bus experiences

By Clackamas Print / June 4, 2019

Story by Allie Perkins Many college students use TriMet as a traveling system to get to their destinations. Often they use it for school, work or even to go to a friend’s house. I have both good and bad experiences while using TriMet. I was waiting at the bus stop, drinking my Mocha Frappuccino from…

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Destitute Diaries: Transportation

By Summer Barraza / November 13, 2018

Last week we talked about eating on a budget as a low income human being. Now that your belly is full from last week, you got to get to work or school. Transportation is a bit harder to save money on. If you have a bike or skateboard then you’re good. This advice is for…

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All aboard the Admiral Mann

By Clackamas Print / March 8, 2017

COLLEGE EMPLOYEE BUYS SCHOOL BUS TO RENOVATE INTO AN RV By Tim Vixay The college’s director of curriculum and scheduling is in charge of many things behind the scenes at the campus. Dru Urbassik creates the schedule and arranges the classrooms before each term. In her spare time, she also drives a school bus named…

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