campus safety

Art bomb: student art project mistaken as an explosive

By Clackamas Print / January 21, 2020

Story by Olivia Lynch On Dec. 3,  2019, you might have noticed texts and emails circulating across campus alerting students and faculty of a suspicious package found in the Dye Learning Center. “I was genuinely scared there was a threat,” said current student Nolan Golden over Snapchat. “I had no idea it was related to…

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News briefs

By Laura Canida / October 21, 2019

Story by Laura Canida Campus Safety hires new college resource officer College Safety exists to patrol the campus, investigate crimes, prepare reports, and respond to emergencies. In addition to these duties, they provide security escorts, directions, campus information and even aid with vehicle assistance for those in need. The Department of College Safety distributes and…

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Safety walk brings awareness to students, faculty

By Jeanette Wright / November 15, 2017

CAMPUS SECURITY LOOK FOR WAYS TO IMPROVE SAFETY AROUND CAMPUS Story and photos by Jeanette Wright The Clackamas Print As the weather gets colder, and the days get shorter, safety issues on campus after dark are more prominent. The Campus Safety is adjusting to new members and equipment, and working to improve their performance and…

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Crime on campus increases

By Jeanette Wright / November 1, 2017

Campus safety aims to keep CCC a better place By Jeanette Wright The Clackamas Print Campus Safety is big at Clackamas Community College, and efforts to make the campuses safer bring changes in the department. New radios for communication and a new manager are just some of the changes in the safety department this term.…

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College to hire OCPD officer

By Clackamas Print / June 6, 2017

By Ian Van Orden In today’s world, you don’t have to look far to find turmoil. It is reported through news outlets every day. Whether the number of tragic events occurring has risen or we are simply more aware of them due to our ability to broadcast information so much more easily, it can sometimes…

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Campus safety changes

By Debbie Fox / October 18, 2016

LONGTIME OFFICER PROMOTED TO FILL VOID Story and photo by Debbie Fox Clackamas Community College continues to experience changes in the management of Campus Safety. As the search continues for a permanent Director of Campus Safety, a new position has been added to the department: Manager of Campus Safety. Dave Houseberg, candidate for the Director…

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Board of education disarms officers

By Merari Calderon Ruiz / May 24, 2016

The campus safety officers will not only lose their badges but also their guns. After much debate, the Clackamas Community College board of education came to an agreement and Bob Cochran, dean of campus services, elaborated on the subject. “Their resolution was starting July 1 our officers won’t be armed, that was a decision they…

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Protect yourself on college campuses

By Amber Fairbanks / April 29, 2015

WARNING: This column is about rape and sexual assault. There have been a lot of reports in the news about sexual assault and rape on campuses all over the country recently. As a result, students have been kicked out of universities and have lost scholarships over it. It makes me wonder, how many cases go…

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