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Now Streaming: House of Cards

By Autumn Berend / June 6, 2017

Drama, political corruption and backstabbing. All are qualities of “House of Cards,” the critically-acclaimed Netflix original series, and a depiction of what many of us seem to believe politics to be. “House of Cards” follows a power-hungry and ambitious Democratic congressman Francis “Frank” Underwood (Kevin Spacey) who manipulates and destroys anyone in his way to…

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Ghosts of fatalities make impacts

By Autumn Berend / May 30, 2017

Story and photo by Autumn Berend Shattered glass and a bloodstained old airbag were some of the remains that haunted the totaled silver Toyota Tundra that was involved in a crash in Sept. 26, 2011. The totaled truck was on display at Clackamas Community College in a trailer last week, provided by Oregon Impact for “Alcohol…

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Records show college instructor Andy Mingo resigned after accused of falsifying student records

By Clackamas Print / May 23, 2017

By Kristen Wohlers and Elizabeth Kessel Clackamas Community College last year investigated one of its most high-profile instructors for falsifying student records, according to documents provided to The Clackamas Print. Andy Mingo, who won the prestigious 2015 Governor’s Award for Innovation, resigned in the wake of the investigation into the offense, which could have been…

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College doesn’t offer trans services

By Autumn Berend / May 17, 2017

By Collin Berend Over the years, transgender rights have been in debate as advocates push for acceptance and others argue against the notion. Someone who is transgender is a person whose sense of personal identity and gender do not correspond with their birth sex, by definition. Students and faculty members who are transgender, or wish…

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Changing landscapes changing campus

By Autumn Berend / May 9, 2017

By Collin Berend A growing economy is a benefit to everyone in Oregon City and students at Clackamas Community College. CCC is partnering up with the city of Oregon City and the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce in promoting the Beavercreek Employment Area, which is more than 80 acres of available industrial property. The property…

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Body of missing student found

By Autumn Berend / May 2, 2017

The body of Brandon Powell, 18, was found Friday, April 28, in the Clackamas River near McIver Park. Powell was a Clackamas Community College student and athlete on the track and field team. “[The body was] found 100 yards north [of the] boat ramp,” said Sandy Police public information officer Sam Craven. “The medical examiner…

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Fair bares opportunities

By Autumn Berend / April 26, 2017

CAREER FAIR DRAWS EMPLOYERS FROM A NUMBER OF INDUSTRIES FOR RECRUITING Story and photo by Collin Berend Everyone needs a job, but not everyone can get one, even with the right skills. Clackamas Community College tries to fix this. On Tuesday, April 18, a job fair was held in the Gregory Forum, tables littered the…

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College raises awareness of sexual assault

By Elizabeth Kessel / April 18, 2017

By Elizabeth Kessel Walking across campus at night can be scary for many college students. Now, add on the fact that someone may be following or watching students at night. What should a student do in that situation? April is sexual assault awareness month when people raise awareness about sexual assault and how people can…

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Rain won’t stop spring break fun

By Autumn Berend / March 14, 2017

By Collin Berend Once more, a term nears its end, and with it comes the anticipation for mental and physical relaxation for many. Some may end up going to Florida, Texas, Southern California or even Mexico for vacation. Others, on the other hand, will enjoy themselves in the luxurious city of Portland and its surrounding…

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Fake news buries truth

By Autumn Berend / March 7, 2017

  FAKE NEWS DOMINATED MANY PLATFORMS DURING THE 2016 ELECTION By Collin Berend This past year we were bombarded with fatuous and spurious stories. by some of the most unknown websites posing as news and organizations we all know. There was fake news to exploit clicks for money, for amusement, for conspiratorial lunacy and articles…

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