david brian avis

UFO Fest lands in McMinnville

By Clackamas Print / May 23, 2017

Story and photos by David Brian Avis The 18th annual UFO Fest ran from May 18-21 in McMinnville, Oregon where thousands of believers came to enjoy food, music, costumes and everything extra-terrestrial in nature. The entire town was down for the fun it seemed.  Many of the local coffee shops and cafes were claiming that…

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Folks on mats commune with cats

By Clackamas Print / February 7, 2017

  By Nicholas Allison Rising up from a bent position, one arm extended before you, the other behind, your feet planted in a lunge position. You breathe, in, out, in, out, and nd yourself relaxing into the Warrior II pose. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a cat batting away at…

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Holiday Festivities

By Clackamas Print / November 30, 2016

The holiday season is upon us! Views differ in regards to exactly how and when the festive events associated with this time of year should be conducted. This short list of budget friendly ideas and celebration techniques is perfect for cost conscious college students or those who wish to rebel against the capitalist regime. By…

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