Donald Trump

“Totally Under Control:” 2020’s most important documentary

By Reilly Smith / November 3, 2020

2020 has been an incredibly chaotic year in America . As every month passes, it seems like the outside world becomes more tumultuous, with old issues worsening exponentially.  And while this year will be remembered for many things — the protests in the name of black victims such as George Floyd or Breonna Taylor will…

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Democrats running for president in 2020

By Clackamas Print / May 7, 2019

By Zach Whitley As of April 25, 22 candidates are running for president in the 2020 election, with 20 being Democrats, and two being Republicans. For the sake of this analysis, President Donald Trump will be excluded because most are already familiar with his policies and problems. The top 10 candidates have been chosen and…

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Electoral college under review

By Clackamas Print / February 26, 2019

Story by Brendan Swogger In 2016, the election of Donald Trump sparked a major uproar, and much of the blame — or thanks — went to the Electoral College, the system currently used every four years to select the President of the United States. Despite losing the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton, Trump won…

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State of the Union

By Ian Van Orden / February 12, 2019

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, President Donald Trump delivered his second State of the Union address. Though originally postponed due to the government shutdown that occurred during the end of December and much of January, the address was eventually scheduled after the government was temporarily reopened on Jan. 25. Much of the beginning of the speech…

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Second government shutdown looms

By Ian Van Orden / February 12, 2019

Dec. 22 marked the beginning of the longest government shutdown in United States history. The 35-day shutdown, which was temporarily lifted on Jan. 25, surpassed the previous record from the mid-1990s by 14 days. Since then, nearly three weeks have passed and America draws closer to another possible shutdown once more. Feb.15 will mark the…

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Quick to report, quick to mislead

By Ian Van Orden / January 29, 2019

Over the last two weeks, two stories have highlighted an issue that has cropped up in modern journalism. The stories, one a BuzzFeed report regarding President Trump and the other a standoff between high schoolers and a Native American activist, were both found to be false or misrepresented soon after their initial coverage. The stories…

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Are you ‘complicit with evil?’

By Ian Van Orden / October 30, 2018

  Fake News. Nazis. Fascists. Are you complicit with evil? Though extreme political rhetoric has existed since the earliest days of our country, it’s hard to deny that we live in an extremely polarized climate today. The last decade has seen a shift towards extreme tribalism, with citizens and voters being pulled to one side…

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Sanctuary label denied

By Autumn Berend / February 7, 2017

  College opts for alternative resolution Story and photo by Collin Berend To protect or not to protect undocumented students? For Clackamas Community College, the answer to this question is: to the full extent that the law allows. But what does that mean for those in need with President Donald Trump in office? Colleges across…

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Trump inspires unity reading

By Autumn Berend / January 24, 2017

Story and photos by Collin Berend On Thursday, Jan. 19, Clackamas Community College students and faculty members gathered in the Community Center’s Fireside Lounge to listen and read written work by either themselves or from other authors that related to the current political atmosphere. The event lasted two hours, from 1-3 p.m. and was hosted…

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Protesters tear through Rip City

By Autumn Berend / November 22, 2016

Story and photo by Collin Berend President-elect Donald J. Trump stunned the world when he won the presidential election. Hillary Clinton was predicted to win according to many polls. This, however, was not the case. National reaction to the win has not settled well with many of the supporters who voted for Clinton, voted for…

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