Drive-In education: Wi-Fi access at CCC

By Laura Canida / May 5, 2020

Story by Laura Canida For students this term, nothing has been business as usual.  The entirety of spring term has been online, with the exception of a handful of health sciences classes. This is in response to state-mandated efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. To help students access classes online, especially for those that…

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Grant expands shuttle service

By Clackamas Print / January 28, 2020

By Rebekah Thompson Getting to class has gotten a lot easier this term due to a shuttle grant Clackamas Community College received last spring. According to CCC Transportation Systems Analyst Ray Atkinson, the funds were acquired through the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund, which granted CCC a total of $245,774. This grant has allowed CCC to…

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The Cougar Cave stocks up on food

By Clackamas Print / November 13, 2019

The Oregon City campus Cougar Cave is well-stocked with fresh produce, canned food and dry goods thanks to a new partnership with the Oregon Food Bank. “We have a cooler now, too, so dairy options are available as well,” says Annissa Rhynders, Student Life and Leadership Assistant in the Cougar Cave. Harmony and Wilsonville campuses…

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Clackamas County removes only ballot box on Oregon City campus

By Laura Canida / November 6, 2019

  Story by Laura Canida On election day, did you know where your ballot box was? If you are looked on the Clackamas Community College Oregon City campus, you didn’t find it. According to Lori Hall, Executive Director of College Relations and Marketing, the ballot box was removed last year. The Clackamas County Elections department…

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Clackamas Community College installs new security cameras to deter crime

By Clackamas Print / March 5, 2019

Story by Allie Perkins Clackamas Community College is a small college that has a small student population, so it can be surprising to hear that there have been eight hit and runs on campus since September. Eight hit and runs involving cars, not people, since September may seem like a lot, but Thomas Sonoff, director…

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Destitute Diaries: Transportation

By Summer Barraza / November 13, 2018

Last week we talked about eating on a budget as a low income human being. Now that your belly is full from last week, you got to get to work or school. Transportation is a bit harder to save money on. If you have a bike or skateboard then you’re good. This advice is for…

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Harmony loves clean teeth

By Autumn Berend / March 7, 2017

  Story and photo by Collin Berend Clackamas Community College is partnering with an outreach dental clinic to provide free dental services. On April 22, the Harmony campus will open a one-day free dental clinic where, under instructor supervision, Clackamas Community College students will assist students from Oregon Health and Science University with fillings, cleanings…

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Campus shuttle expands service

By Anthony Pellico / January 27, 2016

Do you struggle with getting to school? Clackamas Community College may have the solution for you. Between Roger Rook and the community center is a roundabout for public transit.  There, one will find the bus stop for the TriMet transportation system, as well as the free CCC Xpress shuttle. Between the three shuttles there are…

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Harmony campus opens art gallery

By Cassidy White / October 13, 2015

by Cassidy White The Clackamas Community College Harmony Campus has a new art gallery open to the public. According to Sunny Olsen, Director of Community Education and Harmony Campus, the gallery will feature a new exhibit every term. This fall’s exhibit is comprised of Community Ed students’ work, and winter term will display the best…

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