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‘Fun Di Vault’ art exhibit by Ben Killen Rosenberg comes to CCC

By Clackamas Print / February 25, 2020

Story by Jakob Kaiser Art is one of the best things you can enjoy in this world, and the next best thing is art of dogs and cats. Starting last week, the art exhibit “Fun Di Vault” officially opened at Clackamas Community College. But what is Fun Di Vault? This art exhibit features pieces created …

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The Print attends National College Media Convention in New York City

By Victoria Drews / March 12, 2019

The window next to me smelt vaguely of spoiled milk as I stared across the tarmac at the landscape. The mountains lay far away, though cloaked with Oregon’s signature pine trees, they seemed to smoothly undulate above me. Soon, I’d be higher still than them, crossing the country in a mere six and-a-half hours to…

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Diversity in media: How the things we watch affect the way we live

By William Farris / February 8, 2019

The topic of cultural diversity and better representation in media is one today that sparks as much thought and intrigue as it does apprehension. It’s no secret that good representation of minority groups has been a struggle in our culture, and it’s no surprise that many people can have trouble talking about these issues. Much…

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