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‘Fun Di Vault’ art exhibit by Ben Killen Rosenberg comes to CCC

By Clackamas Print / February 25, 2020

Story by Jakob Kaiser Art is one of the best things you can enjoy in this world, and the next best thing is art of dogs and cats. Starting last week, the art exhibit “Fun Di Vault” officially opened at Clackamas Community College. But what is Fun Di Vault? This art exhibit features pieces created …

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‘The development of an art practice’ open through Dec. 6

By Clackamas Print / November 26, 2019

Clackamas Community College is hosting a Portland State University Art Practices thesis exhibition by CCC alum Justin Taylor open through Dec. 6 in the Alexander Gallery. Taylor’s exhibit is divided into two unique spaces. The first showcases finalized works and the second uses the space for creating. In “The Development of an Art Practice,” Taylor…

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A look into “The Effects of Unexplained Phenomena” art exhibit

By Clackamas Print / February 19, 2019

Story by Eric Carlson Prepare to be stupefied: David Mylin’s art exhibit “The Effects of Unexplained Phenomena” features countless strange, bizarre and uncanny figures. All of these creations are more than just creatures, they are expressions of anger and frustration he has dealt with. The artist reception was held Tuesday, Feb. 12, where Mylin explained…

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Art show intrigues audience

By Clackamas Print / January 29, 2019

Story by Allie Perkins “Everything isn’t always exactly what it seems,” said Matthew Dennison. Dennison, a Portland-based artist, is showing his paintings, drawings and sculptures in his show, “Birth Mark,” in the Niemeyer Center on Clackamas Community College’s Oregon City campus. Dennison was recommended by art instructor Dave Andersen during a faculty meeting to discuss…

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‘Happy Daze’ hits campus

By William Farris / October 10, 2017

Psychedelic and Northwest vibes brought to CCC in the latest art gallery in the Niemeyer Center Story and photo by William Farris The Clackamas Print With 22 large canvas prints by Josh P.A. Gross on display through Oct. 27, Happy Daze is the latest art display to be set up in Niemeyer Center and keep up…

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Petite Peculiarities

By Nicholas Allison / April 18, 2017

THE ALEXANDER GALLERY’S NEWEST EXHIBIT SHOWCASES HIGH-QUALITY DOLLS WITH STRANGE, EERIE BEAUTY By Nicholas Allison The strange, the eccentric and the outsider. These three come together into a singularly unique collection in an otherwise normal gallery. “Petite Peculiarities” is an art show that opened recently in the Alexander Gallery and is displaying high- quality dolls…

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