Oregon COVID-19

College announces fourth confirmed COVID-19 case of fall term

By Reilly Smith / November 11, 2021

OREGON CITY, Ore. — Clackamas Community College announced the fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus this term on Nov. 11. The first case was reported on Oct. 14. In an email sent to students and staff, the college stated that “the person was last on the Oregon City campus on Nov. 4 in the…

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First COVID-19 case of fall term reported during week three

By Joseph Lohmolder / October 29, 2021

A mass email sent by Clackamas Community College on Oct. 14 announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus since the return to in-person learning for fall term. The college shared that the student had last been on the Oregon City campus on October 11, in the Pauling Center.  The email was like others …

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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

By Margaret Wamuyu Gichachi / April 29, 2021

All Oregonians 16 years and older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. With Clackamas Community College set to go back to some in-person learning in the fall,  students need to consider the vaccination.  With the reintroduction of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, three vaccinations are in circulation.  There are two Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, one…

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Wheeler County reports first COVID-19 case

By Henry Waxenfelter / October 28, 2020

The first positive test of COVID-19 in Wheeler County, Oregon came on Sunday, Oct. 11, according to the Oregon Health Authority. From the CDC, Wheeler County, with a population of only 1,366, was one of only four counties in the continental US that had remained untouched by the virus. Spanning 1,700 miles, social distancing is…

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