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Theodore Roosevelt Statue pulled down by rioters

Historic statues fall in Downtown Portland riots

By Joseph Lohmolder / October 23, 2020

A group of around 300 demonstrators used straps, chains, and eventually a vehicle to pull down the statue of Theodore Roosevelt in downtown Portland on Oct. 11 around 7:45 p.m. According to Portland Police Bureau, once the demonstrators had pulled down the statue, which has stood in the South Park Blocks since 1922, the demonstrators…

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Enter the Vortex: A Q&A with playwright Sue Mach

By Clackamas Print / February 12, 2019

Story by Brendan Swogger In the summer of 1970, amidst protests, political clashes and anti-Vietnam sentiments, 100,000 people gathered at Milo McIver Park in Estacada for a “biodegradable festival of life,” dubbed Vortex 1. Held in conjunction with a planned protest and riot in downtown Portland, the festival made history as the first and only…

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