Reconstruction patches road for smoother drives

By Autumn Berend / May 1, 2018

A Pothole Menace Clackamas Community College potholes are a common sight on roads. Despite multiple attempts to fill them, they always return with a vengeance. While not everyone has an issue driving around the potholes, some believe CCC could have done a better job handling the situation. “Those potholes have been sitting out there for…

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Return of the potholes

By Autumn Berend / May 17, 2017

The potholes strike back Story and photo by Collin Berend The plague of Clackamas Community College’s roads have returned once again: potholes. Across the campus roads, potholes would appear here and there. For a road as old as it is, that is to be expected, but what about the maintenance? Due to the winter weather…

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