‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ review

By Clackamas Print / November 26, 2019

Story by Andrew Griffin Fifty-one years ago, the world was introduced to the wonderful world of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” a show that would go on to capture the hearts of children for decades until its final episode in 2001. Behind it all was one man — a man dedicated to spreading kindness and giving the…

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Zachary Whitley / October 30, 2019

Story by Zach Whitley I had three thoughts running through my head when I arrived at Clinton Street Theater to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Saturday night. Why is there a line wrapped around the block for an 11:30 p.m showing? What’s so special about this movie? Why do people like it? I…

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Sound & Fury Review

By Jacob Thompson / October 21, 2019

In Sturgill Simpson’s first three albums, he reincarnated a style of country music that seemed long gone. With an acoustic guitar in hand and a slide guitar in the band, Simpson sounded like Waylon Jennings — a refreshing change from the pop-country that has taken over the airwaves of most major country radio stations. Modern…

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Alita: A non-fan and old fan review

By Clackamas Print / February 19, 2019

The non-fan perspective By William Farris “Alita” is a movie I went into with skepticism. I’ve never read any of the original books or seen the anime so all I had to go on was the trailers. The film looked like an interesting action adventure with plenty of unique designs but I honestly didn’t know…

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Venom oozes blockbuster success

By Jared Preble / October 9, 2018

Sony Studios The infamous alter ego of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has landed his own film thanks to Sony. With the movie shattering expectations with a $125 million opening weekend grossing, many fans are looking forward to a quality Sony universe or a possible merging with the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man resides.…

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Talent among us

By Jeanette Wright / May 23, 2018

  The opening of the annual Clackamas Community College Student Art Show was May 17, and open till June 7. The exhibit opened at the Alexander Gallery in Niemeyer Center, followed by an awards ceremony and banquet with free food and live music played by CCC students. One hundred thirt-four pieces of original artwork were…

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Infinity and beyond: A saga of heroes

By Ian Van Orden / May 2, 2018

With the release of Iron Man on May 2, 2008, an era began. Serving as the first entry in what would become known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man served as the introduction to what would become the most successful film franchise of all time. Over the next ten years, each entry in the…

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Far Cry drops exotic location for more familiar locales

By Ian Van Orden / April 18, 2018

Throughout its history, the Far Cry series has allowed players to explore many different fictional regions based on real world locations- from the African savanna to the peaks of the Himalayas. The newest entry in the series, Far Cry 5, released on March 27, continues this trend, but it brings the locale a little closer…

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Star Trek Discovery – Review

By Ian Van Orden / October 10, 2017

‘DISCOVERY’ DIVES TOWARDS A DARKER FUTURE SUNDAY NIGHTS ON CBS ALL ACCESS By Ian Von Orden News and Opinion Editor To boldly go where no one has gone before. These words can be found at the beginning of the two original “Star Trek” television series, “Star Trek,” referred to as “The Original Series,” and “The…

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‘I am a Blackstar’

By Matt Rowning / January 19, 2016

On David Bowie’s 69th birthday came blasting from the depths of outer space his new album, “✭” (Blackstar). David Bowie came from outer space. Since his ascent to rock stardom with his call to astronaut Major Tom through his arrival to earth as Ziggy Stardust and his alien Thomas Jerome Newton, he has told us…

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