College hosts violent intruder training

By Laura Canida / February 5, 2020

Story by Laura Canida Few people will ever face an active shooter in the school or workplace. However, it is important to know what to do if you find yourself in a potentially threatening situation. College Safety hosted a “Violent Intruder Response Training” on Thursday, Jan. 30. The 90-minute training was led by Lt. Anthony…

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Slashing the silver screen

By Ian Van Orden / October 23, 2018

One of the most iconic slasher movies has been reimagined once more. Originally released in 1978, “Halloween” chronicled the exploits of serial killer Michael Myers as he stalked and killed the people of Haddonfield, Illinois. Focusing specifically on the character of Laurie Strode, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis, the movie showcases the murders of a…

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