Sam Weston

Blood drive seeks donations

By Autumn Berend / October 24, 2017

By Autumn Berend Editor-in-Chief The bloodsuckers have come to the college, and they wish to take plenty of it before they leave. The Associated Student Government is hosting a blood drive from Oct. 24 to 25 and performed by Bloodworks Northwest, a blood donation company. The expectations are high, in hopes people will donate blood…

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Opinion: MAC V. PC

By Clackamas Print / October 17, 2017

PC DOMINATES WITH VERSATILITY AND PRICE By Sam Weston Photo Editor Mac vs. PC, the time- tested battle that has seen many ask, “What is the right model? ” While many rush to the side of the Mac because of its “user-friendly” software and sleek design with a pretty little apple on the back, I…

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Campus construction continues

By Sam Weston / September 27, 2017

Barlow parking lot and Harmony campus still in progress Story and photos by Sam Weston Photo Editor School is back in session but construction continues at Clackamas Community College. Two projects that began early this year are still being worked on and will continue into fall term. The first project is the Barlow parking lot…

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Esports challenge sports clichés

By Clackamas Print / June 6, 2017

By Ian Van Orden and Sam Weston As the NHL and NBA playoffs rage on, a different sporting spectacle quietly continues its slow rise: esports. Now hold up, esports? “That’s not a sport! They just play video games.” Well, that’s the point! With our increased use of technology these days, it’s no wonder that kids…

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New music craze echoes the past

By Sam Weston / May 30, 2017

ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC IS BECOMING THE NEW CLASSICAL Story and photo by Sam Weston Summer concerts are almost upon us and as Portland supplies some of the best live music around, there’s one genre I’m excited to experience once again. Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, is the newest craze of the current generation of this…

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Lorax cries: dozens of trees come down across campus

By Sam Weston / May 10, 2017

By Sam Weston Loraxes and squirrels beware: trees are coming down at Clackamas Community College. Oregon is famous for its trees and CCC is no different in providing the same atmosphere for its students, but some are getting the eviction notice on campus. The school is currently executing plans to remove dozens of trees around…

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Macs too high maintenance

By Clackamas Print / April 18, 2017

College says it doesn’t support Apple computers By Ian Van Orden From digital art design to video editing, Mac computers are seen as an industry standard. From the Hollywood hits that you can see in your local movie theater to the digital art found in many studios, there’s a good chance it was once edited…

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Softball looks to reign the NWAC

By Sam Weston / February 28, 2017

  By Sam Weston As the rain-drenched fields slowly dry, the Cougars women’s softball players are lacing up and getting into the season. This year’s workouts are in full swing. The sophomore-heavy squad looks to return to the top in this upcoming season to claim the title at this year’s NWAC tournament. Placing fourth last…

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Four-years seek Cougars

By Sam Weston / February 14, 2017

Transfer day offers options to students Story and photo by Sam Weston For many students here at Clackamas Community College, transferring to another college is the ultimate goal. However, the process can become a little overwhelming. The annual transfer day at Clackamas attracted many students with questions in mind. The event was originally to take…

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Hockey dives underwater

By Clackamas Print / February 7, 2017

By Tim Vixay and Sam Weston A few words come to mind when one thinks of hockey. Flippers and snorkel are usually not among them, but those are exactly what a person needs to play underwater hockey. Underwater hockey is a worldwide sport, and its popularity in the United States keeps growing. The objective of…

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