Art therapy for mental health

By Laura Canida / May 28, 2019

Story by Laura Canida Kellette Elliott was first exposed to art therapy at college in Virginia, but leaned on it heavily when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. “I would take art students from the college to work with the kids who suffered or witnessed abuse,” said Elliott, an artist and art teacher at Clackamas…

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Managing your mentality

By William Farris / November 13, 2018

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re stressed out. Being a student means taking on a lot of responsibility and extra work in a life that more than likely already has quite a lot to deal with. From family, to work, to any other anxiety inducing incidents that can spring up unexpectedly in this crazy…

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De-stress before graduation

By Jonathan Villagomez / May 22, 2018

photo provided by Clackamas Community College Graduation is right around the corner for many Clackamas Community College students; the thought of graduation brings joy to many, but also a lot of stress, namely during the last few weeks of spring term. Brittany Maloney, a First Year experience counselor here at CCC said,“There is a lot…

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10 ways to reduce stress

By Kristen Wohlers / February 14, 2017

By Kristen Wohlers Because of work, school, traffic and other worries, you may be feeling stressed. Add midterms to that pile of stressors, and you might fall over. Here are 10 ways to narrowly avoid the falling part. Get out the colored pencils Or markers, crayons, pastels? Coloring and drawing aren’t just for kids. Calle…

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Student athletes face off against extra stress

By Gifty Ulinwa / April 15, 2015

Balancing school and work is never an easy task, but what happens if we throw collegiate athletics into the mix? The stress of work and school can be trying enough, but today’s college athletes have much more on their plate. How do collegiate athletes today manage their time? From exercising to spending time with friends,…

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