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Compose Writing Conference goes digital

By Jared Preble / May 24, 2020

      Clackamas Community College, a campus previously teeming with life and happenings, has met a stretch of desolation on campus. With events being cancelled left and right the idea of hosting a workshop with twelve talented writers, illustrators and filmmakers seems out of the question. This was not the case for this year’s…

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Measles break out

By Clackamas Print / February 12, 2019

Story by Rachelle Peiffer Multnomah County now has four confirmed cases of measles as of Feb. 9, according to the Multnomah County website. Washington’s Clark County now has 53 confirmed cases as well. In 2000, the measles virus was declared eliminated in the United States because of the measles vaccine, a strong vaccination program that…

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CCC: A complicated puzzle

By Jared Preble / June 5, 2018

Students, staff and faculty of Clackamas Community College were invited to gather in the newly renovated Environmental Learning Center pavilion to discuss the future of building layout as well as how to maximize the college’s resources. CCC has a net deficit of 32,605 assignable square feet. This means that the college has a great deal…

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CCC paves path for students

By Jeanette Wright / April 24, 2018

Twelve percent of first-time students at Clackamas Community College don’t succeed in any of their classes in their first term. Thirty percent of first-time students don’t return for a second term in winter, and by the end of two years, twenty-four percent don’t complete a degree certificate or transfer. Overall, thirty-five percent of students drop…

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